"Toby was great to work with because he totally understands & masters both the playing & programming sides of making rhythm tracks. His playing has a great natural feel, & he is tireless in pursuing the best sounds for a song, whether played or programmed."
Jim Abbiss (Adele, Bjork, Artic Monkeys)

"Toby has no ego, genuine enthusiasm, and serious talent...my favorite three qualities of any musician. He makes any song you're working on a breeze and he can swing like an MF."
Sam Farrar (Maroon 5, Phantom Planet, Newton Faulkner)

"Toby Couling has an infectious cheerfulness that artists, bands and musicians are drawn towards. Luckily for us, it just so happens he’s an exceptional drummer too"
(Drummer Magazine)

"Toby Couling is fast becoming a mainstay of the studio and touring world"
Ian Croft (Editor of iDrum Magazine)

"Toby is a really fun and expressive performer"
Kevin Spacey (Actor)

Grouse lodge Studios

Day 2


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This picture was the scene looking from the doorway of the control room at approximately one o’Clock this afternoon. We spent most of yesrtrday setting up the outbard and equipment. we made a drum room with Acoustic pannels, Duvets and Canoe ores!

late last night  we set up a small kit (Kick, Snare, Hat, ride, crash) in the vocal booth (which is probably the size of two phone boxes stuck together) and recorded  on a tune. this set up worked really well for the track and I really enjoyed myself!  one sound in particular which i though was awesome was using an SM58 in a ambient mic position just over the kick and snare (maybe where most rack toms are placed) was sent directly through an old selmar amp which was on a chest of drawers in the big stone room… it sounded amazing! The blend of really tight (phone booth) punchy drums and  an old Selmer amp was really cool!

Drums: I used my awesome Birch Premier 20″ x 18″ kick, a lovely crisp, even Brady 14″x 5.5  Australian Hard wood, block built snare with a small TEA towel on the top side as i nice dampener.

Cymbals: Zildjian 22″ K Ride, 12″ K hats and my wickedabo 18″ EFX Crash.

That is all for now!

p.s Feel free to to get in touch if you have any questions or funny suggestions for me to do.

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